Don't wash ideas down the drain

Micro version: Buy this product to capture your ideas when in the shower — it works for me.

Macro Version: I don't know about you, but the shower is one place I come up with new ideas, answers to problems I've been chewing on, thoughts I had previously forgotten but didn't mean to, and those rare, but awesome, "eureka!" moments.  Nothing can ruin my relaxing, idea-inducing shower than having to remember an idea for the whole shower then watching it wash down the drain as I eventually forget. 

I was frustrated at not having a quick way to capture my ideas. I would often resort to chant the idea to myself repeatedly in hopes I'd make it through the whole shower before I forgot it. Even while mimicking a chanting monk for 10 minutes, I might still loose the thought by a brief distraction. Even worse was 5 minutes into chanting, idea 2 or 3 would pop up. That's when things got interesting as I verbally juggled my thoughts. Sigh...something had to be done!

After researching and trying out different solutions, I came across a tablet that scuba divers use to write underwater messages to each other. The product has a simple, and quite literal, name: "Scuba Dive Underwater Writing Slate". This slate allows me to confidently capture my thoughts then rinse and repeat (no pun intended...ok, I admit it was). Let me just say, "I love this slate!" — it does exactly what I need. Here're some pros and cons along with a rundown on my experience with it.

Installing was easy, but for others it might be challenging. There's a looping band to hang it on your wrist (not recommended), the shower head (hard to use without water spraying in your face as your write), or the faucet head (inconvenient to reach). Fortunately, we have a shower mirror on suction cups that has a hook for hanging shaving razors. I just hung it on that and it stays around eye-level while being off to the side of the water.

I was concerned that writing with a pencil on this plastic-like texture, in a watery environment might not work very well, but hey, if it works for scuba divers underwater... Writing is easy as it uses a pencil (conveniently hooked on with a lanyard). The writing is rather light since you're essentially writing on plastic. Don't expect clear, pristine writing...this is not the tablet to write the next great American novel on. All that said, the fact that I can capture my ideas without any inconvenience makes the "cons" a non-issue.

In my experience, stuff like this (especially low-cost stuff) does one thing great and then fails completely in others. In this case, writing worked fine but I assumed erasing would be a pain. After researching on scuba diving forums (a whole new world I was exposed to), I discovered that magic erasers work great. Embarrassing overshare: Before I discovered this, I tried to clean it off in the water with my hand. After a few minutes of mucho fail I realized in embarrassment that if a product is made to not be affected by water it probably won't wash off (sigh).

If you're like me and want to enjoy your next shower while capturing your ideas, I highly recommend buying the "Scuba Dive Underwater Writing Slate". At the time of buying it, it was only $8 with free shipping with Prime, a great deal in my book. All in all, the fact I can capture ideas without resorting to mentally juggling as I chant like a monk is very satisfying. However, for all the monks who are reading this (which I'm sure is in the thousands, ha), if you like chanting your ideas in the shower this product may not be for you.

For those out there with a similar frustration, I hope this helps. If you do end up getting one, how'd it work out? If not this, what do you use to capture ideas in the shower? Am I the only one that needs this?