2014 Word of the Year

On New Years Eve of 2013, I decided to put aside those failure-prone resolutions and simply focus on one single word.  I'm not sure where I got this concept, maybe from here. Anyway, the single word I chose to focus on in 2014 was "vulnerability". As I was telling my wife and a close friends what my word was, I broke into a cold sweat. Yeah, it was pretty bad, but I realized if I was reacting that way, I was probably on to something. 

In hindsight, sharing the word publicly was the first of many important steps. Getting it out the not only put me on the hook, but also allowed others to remind and support me in staying true to it.


Throughout 2014, I kept this word alive, and my life has changed in some tremendous ways. Here're a few of the bigger, more noticeable results:

  • Relationships are more authentic, more caring, and more rich
  • More comfortable speaking in public and groups
  • Easier self-expression
  • Far less harsh critique of myself 
  • I'm more decisive, sure of myself, and more open to taking risk
  • My communication improved — written, speaking, and body language
  • More productive and meaningful conversations with people
  • I'm able to have this website to share with you
  • I actually enjoy being vulnerable
  • I grew faster than if I had protected myself from being vulnerable
  • Life is more enjoyable 


I'm thankful for my wife, her support and prayers. Our friends, the Ludeman family, my business partner,  business coach, writing coach, folks at Copious, and my family. God's blessed me with a wonderful circle of people, and I would not be where I am today without them and His prodding into my life.

What's Next?

While I continue my journey into vulnerability, I'm going to choose a new word for 2015. I haven't decided yet, but I'm leaning towards Generosity. I'm excited to see where that takes me and to continue to reap the benefits of being more a more vulnerable person. 

Have you done something like this before? If you're frustrated with New Year resolutions, I encourage you to try out just choosing a single word this next year. Share with others, declare it publicly, get yourself on the hook. 

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