About Me

Improving the lives of others is one of the greatest sources of fulfillment for me
— Self

Who am I? Great question. I'm a Christ-follower, husband to my beautiful wife, and father to my three amazing boys. At my core, I'm a maker, innovator, tinkerer, and problem solver. When I make or do something that improves the lives of others, it's very fulfilling. Which is why, in 2001, I founded Copious. At Copious, I have the privilege to work alongside an amazing group of people doing what they love, making people's live better.  More about Copious

Being a native Portlander, I'm also drawn to the beauty of the outdoors and enjoy hiking, camping, and the warmth of a crackling fire. I enjoy playing basketball and am a big fan of the Portland Trailblazers along with, writing, spending time with my family, and video games & movies. 

My mission is to elevate people’s lives through my self, my products, and my generosity.
— Self


Who we choose to be each day is the life we live, and the legacy of ourselves we leave behind. I choose to leave a legacy of a life full of adventure, love, growth, generosity, and vulnerability.


Outside of the work I accomplish at Copious, I make my own products, primarily digital apps and tools. Making lives better is a common theme running throughout all my products. I have many underway and am eager to share those with you. Learn more


What is generosity? To me, generosity means sharing without expecting anything in return. That includes sharing money, ideas, food, etc. I've got a long ways to go to be a good example of generosity, and yet it's something I've made a core part of my life mission. Through sharing my ideas, things I learn, and products I make, this website is one of the many ways I'm demonstrating generosity. Read more in the journal

That's a high-level view of who I am and what drives me. I'll end with a question from Tony Robbins that's been a catalyst for me:  

How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to?
— Anthony Robbins